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The Best Medical Thermometer

After 9 hours of investigation and careful comparison of 21 popular products, we have determined that the Béaba Thermobip today offers the best value for money technologyify.

 Our choice, Best inexpensive

 Béaba Thermobip

If it is the most basic, it remains an essential to have in your pharmacy kit. Its flexible tip and its fast and reliable measurement make it a great ally for monitoring the temperature of baby or the whole family worldbeautytips.

€ 8.50 on Baby Au Naturel € 17.98 on Cdiscount

It is a simple but effective digital model. Its flexible and supple tip makes taking the temperature as comfortable as possible by rectal, axillary or oral routes. It measures data quickly - in about 10 seconds - and records the last temperature taken. An audible signal warns you in case of fever, and everything is very easy to clean. Its large screen and automatic shutdown are practical extras - and its price is of course attractive technologyford.

 Best midrange

 Braun ThermoScan 7

This thermometer allows you to measure temperature by ear and is therefore easy to use. The preheated tip, the Age Precision function, the color code and the guidance system ensure reliable measurement techiesin.

•41.66 € at Amazon

This infrared ear model is appreciated for its ease of use as well as its precision. The color code makes it possible to determine the patient's condition according to his age, the night light is convenient in dim light, and the memory function stores the last 9 data. It is fitted with a preheated tip and a guiding system intended to guarantee rapid and reliable temperature measurement. technologyies

 Best high end


With this very hygienic and connected temporal thermometer, you can not only measure the temperature data of 8 people - children or adults - but also keep and analyze them thanks to the application created for this purpose.

•69.95 € at Amazon

It is about a temporal model which it is enough to pass on the forehead of the patient - concept appreciated for its very hygienic dimension. The temperature is detected by 16 sensors calculating up to 4000 measurements in just two seconds. An indicator light indicates whether or not he has a fever, depending on his age. In addition, the thermometer can be connected and thus collects the measured data in a smartphone application.