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The Best Ear Plugs

We analyzed 15 popular products over 11 hours to conclude that Alpine Party Plugs are the most compelling reusable earplugs. For more occasional use, we recommend the Mack's Ultra Soft Foam disposable foam caps instead .  fashionbeautypalace

 Our Pick, Best Mid-Range

Alpine Party Plug (1 pair)

They attenuate sounds by 19 dB while maintaining their quality, and are therefore ideal for concerts or festivals. Practical to set up and transport in their mini box, they are reusable and easy to clean.  techgeeksblogger

•12.35 € at Amazon

In the wide range offered by the brand, Party Plug caps stand out for their ability to reduce sounds, and more particularly music in concerts, festivals or in clubs / bars, while maintaining their quality thanks to the presence acoustic filters. Compact and easy to put on, they fit very discreetly and comfortably to the ear canal, are reusable up to 100 times, and are easy to clean. Their small storage box is practical to take the corks everywhere with you.  triotechdigital

Best cheap

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam (50 pairs)

Offered at a low price, these single-use earplugs effectively reduce noise by up to 32 dB and can be used in all circumstances. Made of Comfy Cush ™ polyurethane foam, they are comfortable, easy to place and discreet.  computertechreviews

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They have very decent 32 dB protection on board and are suitable for many types of use, such as sleeping, studying, working or listening to music. Made of foam, they are flexible, adjustable and comfortable, while being discreet in the ear thanks to their neutral color. Disposable after a few uses, they are interesting to acquire in the event of occasional use, but will quickly generate a lot of waste with more regular use.  gethealthandbeauty

Best high end

Loop (1 pair)

They are distinguished above all by their original and pleasant design, and offer no less than 6 pairs of different tips so that everyone will find something for them. Reducing the volume by 20 dB, they nevertheless preserve the sound quality.

•21.19 € at Amazon

If they are often acclaimed and appreciated for their design, they do not neglect the quality of protection, and reduce the volume of the sound by 20 dB without altering its clarity. They are therefore particularly suitable for concerts, sports activities or noisy work. Above all, they have the advantage of being customizable, since they are supplied with 6 silicone or foam tips, available in 3 sizes, and are available in 5 trendy colors.

Cheap alternative

Natural Wax Earplugs (12 pairs)

Indispensable in the field on the French market, the brand offers disposable natural wax protective balls protected by a cotton envelope, which can be molded to best adapt to your ears.

•6.00 € at Amazon

Made of wax, these disposable earplugs have the advantage of being malleable once in contact with body heat, and can thus be adapted to the shape of your ear canal, which they lubricate for even more comfort. They offer salable protection of 27 dB, and can be used when resting, studying, noisy activities or even as protection in the swimming pool. If setting them up is a little more difficult at first, they are then very comfortable and unlikely to move.

High-end alternative

EarDial HiFi Invisible (1 pair)

These ultra-resistant silicone earplugs are ideal for noisy activity, and reduce the volume by 20 dB while maintaining sound quality. They are valued for their invisibility in the ear and linked mobile application.

•28.87 € at Amazon

They attenuate sounds while preserving their quality, and are therefore particularly appreciated at festivals and concerts. Made of soft silicone, they are comfortable and very resistant, so they can be used for many years. Made almost invisible by their small size and transparency, they are therefore very discreet - which many appreciate. In addition, the brand has developed an application indicating, among other things, the sound level to which you are exposed and the maximum duration to which you can remain so.